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Music by Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Moody Blues, Carl Doy, Dolly Parton, Lloyd Webber, Elgar, Faure and more

Will Martin (cross-over tenor), Tina Cross (Pop star), Suzanne Lynch (mezzo), Tayla Alexander (young NZ singer), Carl Doy (piano), Lauren Bennett (violin), Dr Frances Pitsilis (MC), Rita Paczian (conductor), NZ Pops with contemporary instrumentalists, NZ  Pops Youth Choir*

 SPRING POPS – Sunday, 7 September, 5pm, Auckland Town Hall

Tim Beveridge (celebrity performer), Gina Sanders (soprano), June Hayes (jazz & contemporary singer), Nick Dow (young NZ jazz pianist and songwriter), Thomas Hutchinson (oboe), Dr Frances Pitsilis (MC), Rita Paczian (Conductor), NZ Pops with contemporary instrumentalists, NZ Pops Youth Choir*, The City of Auckland Singers

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Category Ticket Price  
Adult Premium Reserve $ 65.00
Adult A Reserve $ 50.00
Adult B Reserve $ 30.00
Concession Premium Reserve $ 55.00
Concession A Reserve $ 40.00
Concession B Reserve $ 20.00
Student/child Premium Reserve $ 45.00
Student/child Premium A Reserve $ 20.00
Student/child Premium B Reserve $ 10.00
Group 6 people + more Premium $ 55.00
Group 6 people + more A Res $ 40.00
Group 6 people + more B Res $ 20.00
Family 2 adults + 2 or 3 child $ 100.00

*Members of the NZ Pops Youth Choir are:

Ann de Guzman Studio, annadegph@gmail.com, 15-20 private students

Auckland Girls’ Choir, Leonie Lawson, lawsons@xtra.co.nz, 50 girls

Auckland Boys’ Choir, Joanne Cahplow & Stuart Weightman, joanne.chaplow@xtra.co.nz, a440@value.net.nz, 40 boys

James Cook High School, Celia Liu, ross_silk@hotmail.com, 20 singers

Valley Studio, Gina Sanders, gina.sanders@xtra.co.nz, 15 singers

Senior Choir at Sacred Heart College, Fiona Ferens, fferens@ihug.co.nz, 40 singers

St Kentigern College, Lachlan Craig, lachlan.craig@saintkentigern.com, 40 singers

Diocesan School for Girls, Shona McIntyre-Bull, smcintyre-bull@diocesan.school.nz, 100 singers



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Rita Paczian

Will Martin

Gina Sanders